20 Celebrities Accused of Being Mean in Real Life

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Ellen DeGeneres
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It’s easy to imagine celebrities as if they are our best friends as many share elements of their daily life on social media, or take on the persona of their characters in the movies. However, a number of celebs are not at all what they appear. When encountering their devoted fans, some celebs are reportedly a major disappointment because of how rude they are in person. Other times, actors, comedians, or other performers get a bad reputation for being a diva on set. Of course, we don’t always know what is going on behind closed doors. (Maybe an actor just went through a bad breakup, or a comedian just got some bad news.) However, a few entertainers have a bad reputation for being mean in real life. 

It’s so important to be kind to the people we work with, and Ellen DeGeneres is learning that the hard way. The beloved comedian has been in hot water lately after reports surfaced that she was nasty to crew members on The Ellen Show. Other celebs have had a bad rap on set for being rude to the hair and makeup team — or other production members. 

A mean interaction will not go unnoticed and has followed some of these stars throughout their careers. Nobody wants to work with a jerk, so these superstars could learn a lesson or two from the rumors swirling around their attitude. Celebrity status can totally change a person. After someone becomes famous, it’s important for them to stay grounded and humble. If a celeb is lucky enough to have fans enjoy their work, then practicing gratitude is key. While celebs go through struggles with fame that everyday people will never understand, handling notoriety with kindness will go a long way. 

Here are 20 celebs who let their status get to their head and are downright mean in person. 

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