’30 For 30 Lance’: Exploring Lance Armstrong-Sheryl Crow relationship ahead of Part 1 of the ESPN docuseries

ESPN’s ’30 for 30 Lance’ is all set to look at the sporting icon, Lance Armstrong’s life, capture his meteoric rise to fame and his crumbling fall to disgrace. Armstrong’s relationship with singer Sheryl Crow in the 2000s made them one of the top celeb couples of that decade. Their life was great paparazzi content and tabloid razzamatazz. After dating from 2003 to 2006, they went on to be engaged. It is safe to assume this part of his life would be explored in the two-part docuseries to a certain degree. She was with the cyclist during the best years of his sporting career and the duo’s public appearances and romances make it a topic worth looking at. 

Armstrong and Crow began dating in 2003 after they met at a charity event. Crow was a regular at his races while he was a steady partner when it came to her events and award ceremonies. Despite the couple calling it quits in 2006, Crow maintained she loved Armstrong while speaking in ‘Good Morning America‘ in 2008.  “I mean, we really loved each other a lot, and still love each other a lot,” she explained. Prior to Armstrong, Crow was linked to high-profile celebrities that included Eric Clapton and Owen Wilson. 

And before Crow, Armstrong was with Kristin Richard, whom he met in 1997 and married on May 1, 1998. He has three children, Luke, 17, and twins Grace and Isabelle, 15, from the marriage. The couple announced their divorce in 2003, the same year that Lance started dating Crow. Armstrong split with Crow in February 2006. 

Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen  (Getty Images)

The reason behind the split was mentioned by Armstrong in his book, ‘Lance’. “She wanted marriage, she wanted children; and not that I didn’t want that, but I didn’t want that at that time because I had just gotten out of a marriage, I’d just had kids,” he wrote. “Yet we’re up against her biological clock — that pressure is what cracked it.”

In 2017, while talking to Howard Stern, he also termed his relationship with Crow as a “good ride.” “She’s a great lady. Obviously it didn’t work out, but I think and I hope she’s happy. I’m happy,” he added. 

 “It’s tough to pull it off. I mean, how many couples have been able to pull it off? To her credit, she was a stay-at-home—one of the biggest rock stars—she was a great partner. She was at the races…it wasn’t like we never saw each other.” As far as Crow’s reasoning goes, “it’s about what he wants and it’s about what I want. And where the two don’t meet, there’s definitely a, you know, a fissure,” she had said on the ‘Good Morning America.”

Armstrong is currently engaged to girlfriend, Anna Hansen, with whom he has two kids — Max and Olivia. 

’30 for 30 Lance’ debuts on May 23 at 9 pm ET on ESPN.

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