7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From Miami County

Miami County is home to many celebrities, and it can be easy to overlook some of the most influential of the bunch. Astronauts, musicians, and politicians are who you will most commonly hear about, but we’ve gathered some other relevant celebrities that deserve mention.

Rob Schneider

Did you know Rob Schneider lived in Tipp City in the 1980s? He attended Tippecanoe High School for 2 years, eventually leaving due to the constant teasing from his peers. When Rob arrived at school, he quickly became the “new guy,” trying extremely hard to make others laugh. Unfortunately, everybody hated him and his f***ing stupid jokes. It got so bad that he had to move to California for a fresh start. The rest is history!

Megan Thee Stallion

Hot Meg gained her nastiness and bougieness from her upbringing in Piqua. A recent Piqua High School graduate, Meg was discovered by Beyonce and carted off to Houston to make her impact there at the local booty-shake clubs. People fell in love with the 6’7” goddess, and her Tik-Tok dance quickly brought her international fame, with world leaders from Republican Mitch McConnell to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe contributing their own videos to the movement. Unfortunately, she doesn’t come around much anymore, but the rumour is that she now owns one of the new apartments by the river across from the Courthouse in downtown Troy. 

Victor Castaldo

Though you’d think he’s from Los Angeles or somewhere sick, local record producer “Vic” Castaldo actually grew up in Miami County. In fact, he has lived in the county for most of his life, and has a studio in downtown Troy. His unique, not even remotely generic interpretation of music production is not easy to find just anywhere. Be sure to stop by his studio for a quick sesh, and shout out the Miami County Bugle Caller if you end up spittin’ bars in the booth.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush spent his early 20s in Covington, going by the name “Harry” and picking up shifts as a grill cook at Buffalo Jack’s to make ends meet. He briefly worked at the Marathon on the corner of 48 and 36, but was arrested for selling alcohol to minors on countless occasions. Once the Bush family name rose to power, government officials made strong efforts to remove all traces of “Harry” in Covington, renaming him “Jeb” in the process. If you ask a local about Jeb, they will pretend to have no idea – but only because they’re being paid by the feds.


William J. Norwood Jr., better known as Ray-J, moved from California to Union Township in the late 90s. He was drawn in by Union’s bustling music scene, but quickly realized that he would have a hard time sticking out from the competition. So, he called up his cousin Snoop Dogg and returned to California to resume his career. Ray-J ended up with a few radio hits that we can’t really remember off the top of our heads, and a semi-successful acting career with the help of super-celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Meg White

Megan Frank White of the rock-and-roll band, “The White Stripes,” graduated from Bradford City High School or whatever it’s called in 1992. Her parents were a pair of hobos traveling down the railroads, which influenced Meg White’s very interesting style of dress and her sickly white skin. Her love of drums and guitars and vinyl came from her time spent hanging around Sound City Music and the dumpsters behind the old CD Store, where she found the ancient technology of the vinyl record laying beside a dead rat. Without Meg White, the obscure form of listening to music through vinyl records may have died off. 

Willem Dafoe 

Most notably known as the ‘Green Goblin,’ and for being an overall evil looking dude with a wrinkly face, Dafoe was cast as one of the most iconic roles in film history playing the leading super villain in Spider-Man 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as multiple spin offs such as ‘Peter Parker Come Down From There It’s Christmas.’ When Marvel studios decided to film in Bethel Township for the first time, they discovered Dafoe on the side of the road as just your average Ohio bum with a wrinkly face. Now he boasts multiple academy awards, and a mansion in Yellow Springs next to Dave Chappelle.  

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