Celebrity Throwback Outfits From The ’90s We’d Happily Still Wear

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress has definitely cemented her status as bona fide style icon, starting her rise as a fashion heavyweight in the early ’90s. From light-washed denim and silky blouses to slip dresses on the red carpet, Aniston has mastered her signature style – and we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on this ultra-chic dress the actress wore to the 1997 Picture Perfect premiere in New York City. Her bag choice could be taken right out of 2020, too. 

Drew Barrymore

While Drew Barrymore’s style has certainly evolved, trying out everything from tutu dresses on the red carpet to grunge-rocker during her long-spanning career in Hollywood, this white slip dress should go on her all-time greats. This dress, which the actress wore in 1993, could be a modern inspiration for brides or even as a slip underneath an oversized blazer. 

Winona Ryder

Many of us have Winona Ryder’s enviable ’90s style seared into our brains, trying to emulate the cool, casual looks she so effortlessly pulled off. While that time period is best described by the actress’ vintage denim, baggy leather jackets and velvet slips, her take on the brown suit set at the Little Man Tate premiere in 1991 looks like it could be taken right to the streets of Paris Fashion Week today. 

Kate Moss

While we best know Kate Moss for her iconic career modelling for the world’s biggest names, her status as one of the world’s best dressed models off the runway also didn’t go unnoticed. Namely, her ability to make something as simple as jeans and a white tank look like it belongs on the catwalk with her. Even her simple gold chain, photographed below in 1994, is reminiscent of Instagram’s current jewellery obsession. 

Cameron Diaz

While Cameron Diaz has taken a step back from public life in recent years, her early ’90s wardrobe still manages to plant her as one of the best-dressed stars in Hollywood, with one InStyle editor admitting they “couldn’t stop thinking” about the actress’ wardrobe. At the 1995 MTV Movie Awards, the Charlie’s Angel star looks like she could have stolen her leather blazer and boots straight from a French It-girl in 2020. 

Naomi Campbell

When lockdowns started earlier this year, the global fashion set begun the seemingly newfound trend of cropped blazers – which we officially made room for in our work-from-home wardrobes – but as it turns out, icon Naomi Campbell was way ahead of the trend, sporting it to an Armani party in 1996. 

Alicia Silverstone

After the release of now-cult classic Clueless in 1995, Alicia Silverstone had to keep up with her screen counterpart Cher Horowitz, who is today still idolised for her fashion. The actress did so with ease, turning up to the premiere in a silk suit set that we know Cher would definitely approve of. Although, now we might not suggest sand and open-toe stilettos go hand-in-hand. 

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