How Max Greenfield Is Helping His Fellow Dads Stay Healthy—and Awake—During Long Days at Home

Like so many parents around the world this year, Max Greenfield had to get used to a new normal in record fashion.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down schools and production on most shows, the star of The Neighborhood moved any and all business to Zoom and just started hanging out constantly at home with his wife, Tess Sanchez, and their kids, Lilly and Ozzie.

Suffice it to say, all that time spent together has been a blessing—as well as a real eye-opener as to how much energy is needed to be both a constantly present parent and, for some (including Greenfield), a full-time teacher. Max started comparing notes and sharing tips with other dads in regular video chats, and while they’ve agreed that being with their families is wonderful, without school and other regular activities to mix it up it’s been an exhausting time as well.

Greenfield told E! News in a recent interview, “There is this feeling of like, ‘Am I really supposed to be a parent 24 hours a day? I used to get breaks, and now I don’t get any breaks.’ And then you realize, Yes, you did this yourself. You are supposed to be a parent 24/7.”

Enter DADZ, the company the actor and three fellow dads have launched to help ensure that all the fathers out there can keep firing on all cylinders throughout the day. They introduced their first product, Lightning Sticks—a vegan, plant-based energy supplement powder—on Father’s Day.

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