Mystery figure fights to keep names of Epstein’s celebrity pals secret in defamation case against Virginia Giuffre – The Sun

A MYSTERY figure has asked a federal judge to decline a request by celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz to hand over a cache of papers detailing some of the associates of Jeffrey Epstein.

The documents were included in a historic defamation suit bought by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre against the late pedophile and his one-time girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.


Virginia Giuffre alleges celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz was among the men to whom she was trafficked by Epstein for sexCredit: AP:Associated Press


Dershowitz says documents from a previous defamation case would help with his defenceCredit: AP:Associated Press


The papers case were part of a case brought by Giuffre against Epstein and former girlfriend Ghislaine MaxwellCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Epstein killed himself in August while awaiting trial on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors.

Maxwell has been accused of helping Epstein procure women and young girls, including Giuffre, to abuse, though denies all wrongdoing.

Giuffre has alleged that Dershowitz was among the men to whom she was trafficked for sex, but he similarly denies having slept with her or any other wrongdoing, and the two have been embroiled in their own legal battle over mutual accusations of defamation.

Dershowitz claims the documents from the Giuffre-Maxwell case contain information vital to his defence, but at present they remain under a historic protective order.

Tuesday saw a conference call involving attorneys from all sides debating whether the documents should be released to Dershowitz and his legal team, the Mail reported.

Representatives for Giuffre, Maxwell, and an unidentified “John Doe”, believed to be one of many public figures previously associated with Epstein, opposed the move, citing “leakage concerns”.

In a letter to the court, John Doe’s attorneys, Nicholas Lewin and Paul Krieger, said the court should stick to previously-agreed conditions for the released of the papers.

“This marks Dershowitz’s second – or, by some measures, third – attempt to make an end-run around this Court’s carefully constructed unsealing protocol,” the letter stated.

“Just as the Court denied Dershowitz’s prior attempts, it should deny this one.”

Giuffre has previously taken legal action to have some of the papers unsealed, but was opposed by representatives of Maxwell, who said they should be given “the lowest presumption of public access”.

Last May, Judge Loretta Preska ruled that parts of the papers could be unsealed as and when any individuals named have been afforded the opportunity to mount any legal objections.

On Tuesday, representatives for each of Giuffre, Maxwell, and John Doe agreed that Dershowitz, who was not involved in the previous case, should use normal channels, such as calling witnesses and applying for disclosure, in forming his defence.

But representing Dershowitz, attorney Howard Cooper argued there was a “compelling need” for the papers to be made available.

He said Dershowitz was up against “an adversary who has in her custody, possession or control, all of the materials he seeks”.


Epstein killed himself in August while awaiting trial on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minorsCredit: AP:Associated Press

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