The Most Surprising Celebrity Breakups of 2019

In a world where so much is disputed, it’s an irrefutable fact that couples break up every year, all year long, without fail. And this year is no exception. Not everyone who kissed at midnight on Dec. 31 will be repeating the ritual as the ball drops on 2019 and ushers in 2020.

Most of the parting of ways, agreements to disagree and dissolution of marriage happens in private, to people whose names you will never know.

But sometimes it happens to Kylie Jenner, or Miley Cyrus, or Jeff Bezos—names who everyone knows. (Or at least we’ll bet you know at least one out of three, whichever one it may be.)

So as the sun gets ready to set on another year—on a whole decade in fact—it’s time to take stock of which celebrities decided to end 2019 without the person they started it with. 

Not all of those couples, though. The list of who flitted in and out of each other’s lives is as good as endless. Instead, here’s a sampling of breakups, whittled down to the ones that either fully shocked or at least seemed to come out of nowhere at that particular moment in time.

You may have predicted all, some or none, but here were the most end-of-an-era splits of 2019:


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Billy Farrell, BFA

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Ah, love, it ebbs and flows like the tide. And in 2020, the sand will shift beneath our feet again with all new hookups, engagements, marriages and—yes—the inevitable splits.

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