WAG wars: Coleen V Rebekah could be the celeb court battle of the decade

It’s…… likely to be the most glamorous day that the High Court has ever seen. We’ve had WAG battles before, but they pale in comparison to the tussle that Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy are locked in.

n case the showbiz story of 2019 somehow eluded you, here’s a quick recap: After months of opening the tabloids to find stories about her private life, footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen came up with an ingenious plan to identify the ‘culprit’ she believed was leaking the details.

Blocking all but one account on her private Instagram, Rooney concocted some false rumours about a flooded basement (if she was aware of the sexual pun here, more power to her). Later, in a tale that even a seasoned soap scriptwriter could barely summon up, Rooney made up a story about a gender selection trip to Mexico. She then identified the stories as having been seen by one account only — that of……….……… fellow WAG Rebekah.

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